Help me (folder)

Hi all, its me (again) im quite noob in LUA so i dont know where i place Utime and these function "

hook.Add("PlayerSpawnProp", function(Player, m)
	if(!Player:IsUserGroup("donator")) then return false end

hook.Add("PhysgunPickup", function(Player, e)
	if(!Player:IsUserGroup("donator")) then return false end


i found these function here (at the bottom)

You need to place those in a file in addons/youraddon/lua/autorun.

I miss one thing, its for a DarkRP

Still put it in a serverside file.

what is a serverside file ^^

Just create a .lua file in addons/youraddon/lua/autorun and put that code in it.

ok thank you

and for Utime its ok now

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I try to make a .lua in the “autorun” but when im a user i can spawn props and use physgun :confused:

Do you have a group made with ULX or equivalent admin mod with the exact name “donator”? Are you sure its not a .txt file?

I change the name “donator” to VIP in the Lua file and yes its a Lua file

Salut, je suis moi aussi en train d’essayer de faire un addon, est-ce que tu peux me filer 2-3 petit tuyau s’il te plait ?
Je suis confronté à plusieurs soucis et apparemment, tu as réussi à les résoudre =)

Merci d’avance