Help me for Props spawn menu

Hello, I would like to know where the props menu in the configuration files in order to modify it, and remove props etc … here is a picture of what I speak to you.

Thank’s you !

You can remove/add props by right clicking on them, the spawnmenu can be found under /settings/ if I remember right.

No, but I talk to the server level , so that everyone is the same things, for example removing full of props as in gamemiodes , schoolrp etc …

the same should go for the server, there should be a /settings/ directory, with a “spawnlist.txt” or so, or you could make a Prop whitelist using FPP

not because I want to change the menu , remove everything toolgun materials and all , but no restrictions to remove them as the picture I sent you there

help me pleas.

No body ?

The spawnmenu files are loaded from sandbox because that’s what darkrp derives from, (Correct me if I’m wrong.) I don’t think there’s a config file with all the props in it I think it just gets all of the models and sorts them. Also even if you were able to remove props from the menu players could still spawn them using gm spawn so you’d need to make a blacklist. If I were you I’d just make a new spawnmenu.