Help me get an A! (quick survey)

Hello everybody! I’m a student from Purdue University doing a project on discourse communities. I had a friend tell me about this game and it sounded like the perfect subject for my project. So if you guys could click this link and take a quick 9 question survey, I would very much appreciate that!

Eh I’ll bite, I got a soft spot for uni students, being one myself.

I did the survey:P

Have my survey friend. Btw the answers are funny…

Please give a basic description of your community

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the community in Rust?


Just finished it; what is the project for/about?

Did it,do I get anything?

And you really take the Rust community for you project?
Can’t believe how optimistic you are. :v:

Done. Good luck.


Done, hope you do well :slight_smile:

Good luck

Survey completed!
Good luck

Done! GL

I have taken your survey fellow Purduche-bag. If you’re old enough, I’ll be at the Sparrow if you want more information.

I did the survey, hope you project goes well.

Good luck on your project.

I completed it with all seriousness !

Side note: WTF you didn’t even name it???


I’ve done it :smiley:

Done! Good luck!

Done good luck.