Help me get gmod to load faster

Im reposting this. My gmod takes about 10-15 min to load, and i removed a ton of addons. How do i get it to load faster? I also defragged.

I’d try reinstalling. Delete the second garrysmod file in:
c:/program files/steam/USERNAMEHERE/steamapps/garrysmod/“delete garrysmod file in here”
Then launch garrysmod and it will create everything in that folder again, but this will remove your saves (if any), and anything like advanced dupes or E2’s and ALL of your addons/models/textures/maps so backup anything you want to keep.

Yah see I did that but for I have 14.2 gigs of materials, maps models and add-ons I need to backup, and I purged all the useless ones: P

Why you have 14 gigs of useless addons?

Remove that junk!

Rename the garrysmod folder and then all your maps and materials will still exist without the long backup procedure. So then you can just copy across ones you want.

They are not useless add-ons; they are all the files for my servers and the server I play on. That’s it…

Your server has a 14 gb content pack? Good god!

i have many servers, thats why i have so much stuff.

Delete your second garrysmod folder. Program86/steam/USERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod but you might want to take your maps and addons out if you have stuff you want.