Help me get my GMOD back!!!

i bought gmod and then i got a new comp. no my dad wont let me reload it on our new computer (which is awesome, btw). im going to show this to him after i get a bunch of comments. thx

Tell him how you are sad missing out on all the fun creative shit in Gmod.

Hello phagocitic’s daddy!

Whether or not you let your son add GMod to your new computer is up to you.

But I would be wary that some of its addons may be pornographic and have large amounts of violence…

Rofl I was like that, started as gmod 9 then wanted to buy gmod 10 like SO BADLY!

Agreed with Logidru.

lol that wasnt helpful…

It was helpful to you in the long term.

You’ll thank me when you’re older.

Why would your dad refuse to allow you to install Gmod on your new PC?

Probably because it’s actually his dad’s computer, and the kid thinks it’s his computer, and his dad doesn’t want him clogging it up with creative crap such as Gmod.