Help me ! I have banned muself in garry's mod singleplayer !!!!

I banned muself just for fun in garry’s mod and i don’t know what to do.
P.S i played dark rp game mode and did this shit.
P.S.S I know i am stupid.

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You can’t ban yourself from gmod singleplayer.

I remember once installing an admin mod for myself just for the hell of it and I did infact manage to ban myself. It seemed to go away though.

Seeing as singleplayer is basically a 1 slot server, It should be possible and I think I’ve even heard about this happening before.
Try looking for a “ban” related text file in your garrysmod directory and delete it, If you can’t find it and got nothing to really lose you could also just reinstall GMod.

I’d be a bit more specific, but I don’t have access to a GMod installation at the moment.

im pretty sure darkrp bans are saved to the local sql database so go to garrysmod/garrysmod and delete a file called sv.db and that should fix it (at the expense of losing any settings, money values etc that are in there)

Create a singleplayer with 4 slots then write ulx unban steamid. Tadaaa your now unbanned from singleplayer

Wrong section. Also the “hahahaha” leads me to believe this is a troll.




Just delete banned_users.cfg from the config file in garrysmod/garrysmod