Help me improve quality of screenshots, pelase

Hello, could you tell me how to improve quality of plain screenshots?
I changed jpeg quality to 100, what else could improve it?

what i mean, i dislike that background color what goes in waves (you can see it on ceiling)

Have you tried using an editing program like photoshop?

Yes, my friend, I did indeed. But my concern is about quality outcome from point of taking a screenshot, and then going to photoshop. In that part quality is damaged.

Alright, then it’s not much problem. Aside from setting your game to max graphical settings (which you already set from the looks of it) all you should do is use the poster command in console to take your screenshots: ‘poster #’ will output a .PNG file #^2 the size of your screen resolution to your garrysmod/garrysmod/screenshots folder, so for example:

poster 2 will multiply your resolution by 4, poster 5 will multiply your resolution by 25, etc.

Poster outputs the highest quality image you can get from the game. You can later downscale it in photoshop to get back to your normal resolution and get better anti aliasing etc.

jpeg_quality 100