HELP ME!!!!! lol please

Ok so go to this link please and its not anything bad but go to it.

Ok can you lua code that or what ever and make it a role playing server.

Fuck off

This for somereason makes me think of it as a troll.

Also, the title is no way helping your cause.

Here you Go!

I think he’s looking for this.

What is a troll and i am serious.

Oh my god… Okay so you don’t fucking code it, there is this thing called a gamemode, install it into the server like you would usually install it into your garrysmod.

Ok and i know what a game mode is. Also with that kind of sever you can add game modes? Btw thanks

Please, the Wiki. use it, Read it, Learn it, Eat it, sleep on it, write it, drink it. Do EVERYTHING with that wiki… it is your life.