Help me make a basic map

So basically, I was wondering if anyone had a base .vmf with just a square room I could work with because I’m very confused on how to start with scratch, it would be much appreciated if you could share a base vmf with me. Thanks

Oh boy. Um.

It’s actually pretty easy. I’m sure if you watched one tutorial, you would know how to do it. Plus, having something done for you doesn’t help you.

I actually have tried it on my own, I get everything set up and then I can’t apply clipping properly.

Whats wrong with clipping. Red bit gets deleted, white bit stays. Click the button multiple times to change the setting.

You won’t get anywhere by giving up and asking someone to do it for you. Find out what you need to do, there is plenty of help out there.

Here is a base map though:

If you would like further assistance to what Iron Phoenix has provided you, feel free to add me on Steam and I can give you peer-to-peer help on the basics of mapping. Failing that, there are many YouTube videos and channels that provide people with excellent help on Source Mapping. Best guy for the job is TopHattWaffle. But, many of us here will gladly help you out.

Your steam link is outdated. :v:

Mapping in Source is pretty easy. It’s just basically working with blocks and manipulating them in ways to form geometry.

Providing you’re not 12, it’s easy enough to get in to.

You evidentally haven’t seen what i gave him :slight_smile: