Help me make these displacements not suck balls. Please.

I figured I’d try my hand at actually making a rocky hill. I recognise I lack particularly decent textures and I’ve not used any models. That said, this does not look like actual land to me and I don’t quite know why. As such, I don’t feel like I want to start detailing it when I don’t feel it’s going to stand up to critique. So, I’m gonna post my updates as I learn to floor, I’d appreciate some brutally honest critique and some helpful pointers. I’m proficient with the tools, if anybody wants to offer some guidance I’ll try not to frustrate you.

Subdivision and You

If you’re having trouble with getting it realistic-looking, google some moutains or cliffs or other formations and look how the ground behaves when exposed to different elements. Then figure out how your castle is situated geographically and create some of the features you found in your search.

Subdivision can be used right as a starting point, but I tend to avoid it because it’s often very obvious that the displacements were subdivided then slightly manually edited. If you’re comfortable with the tools all you have to do is practice getting natural shapes right. Having a specific idea (not making shit up as you go along) is also helpful since you can focus on the final product.

It’s a good idea to try and get your initial brush shapes as close as possible to the final product. Vertex edit is your friend here.

Okay. Gonna go build a framework of flatness resembling the castle, subdivide it, turn it into smooth long cliffs, and populate the shit out of it with rock models like Skyrim.

Will post pics of the disaster when it’s done. brb

Displacements just take time too, maybe even 10 times as long as brushwork if you want to make them realistic. Lots of testing too.

Thank you onebit for showing me the ways of the subdivide.

Just wow.

Just wow.

Pretty. :smiley: