Help me make this map awesome

yeah what the title says.
Let me know of any improvements or suggestions you think up.

link to the beta

Looks blocky, mis-matching textures, dodgy as hell lighting in my opinion, however, you have a good idea and a nice layout add more details, better texture compatability and fix the lighting then it’ll be smexy.

Round the poles in the last image.

needs more cover. get some barrels and crates in there, then make the brushwork more interesting by using interesting angles.

Add some bloom to it.
use env_sprite in front of some lights to give it a shiny effect.
Add more light to the whole thing. Unless you aim for dark map.

made some small tweaks I want to make sure the layout and game play are perfect before i commit to anything major.

those big steel rods don’t do that.

Plus for a start there’s way to many of them…

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mine arnt bendy enough but this was the look I was going for

hahahaha xDDD nice one :smiley:

Yes, I was about to say that the only real issue with your hole is that your rebar is too thick. Otherwise it’s looking quite accurate to what’d happen if you’d strap some c4 to the wall.

I’d say the map is already above average quality as far as CS:S maps go. It definitely has a ways to go if you want to make it REALLY good, though.

added some blast doors
and changed the lighting a little.
most of the other changes you cant see clip blushes to stop people getting stuck on railings/walls etc.

Still… On the first image above, Make the poles rounded.

teshok are you compiling with -StaticPropLighting -TextureShadows -StaticPropPolys?

i don’t know how to still not used to the new engine.

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does it do it if I use HDR final compile cause thats what ive been using

Throw those into the $light_exe

I love you.
The only thing missing from the default was -StaticPropLighting it had proppolys twice
but its made a hell of a difference no more ugly lighting errors on models.

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Looks really good so far!

Looks awesome already :slight_smile: I hope the gameplay will be as good as how it looks! Don’t round the poles.