Help me on garrys mod plz

Hey guys im new in all this i love Gmod i want to learn how to do a Roleplay server whit this map “Rp-Downtown2” if you guys can help me i can make you a admin if you help me alot or if you have a rpserver tell me i would like to be a admin

Making a server isn’t as easy as clicking ‘Create Server’. You actually need to go through a longer process than that.

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Step 1: Get the necessary files.

Step 2. Get a dedicated server.
When I say “dedicated” server, what this means is a server that somebody else owns and will run 24/7 without you having to do anything. Generally, if you want to use a dedicated server you have to buy it from a server company ([url=]like these guys, for example).

Step 3. Uploading files
Once you’ve gotten a dedicated server and figured out how to use it, you’re going to upload.
Upload the RP_Downtown_v2.bsp file into garrysmod/maps.
Upload the DarkRP folder into garrysmod/gamemodes.

Step 4. Start up the server with the gamemode.
Generally there’s an option in there that can do this.

And there you have it, getting a DarkRP server in four easy steps.

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there is a whole page on haw to make a server it simple it explains everything for you just do that when it asks you for the map all you do is type in the name just look this over okay

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