Help me optimizing.


I’m working on this map for a long, but I’ve had trouble optimizing.
I think i’m not a good optimizer :frowning:

I hope some body help me in this part.

Here are the preview of the map:

(If you prefer, I can send you the map, and you do the optimization for me, and I add you in the collaborators.)

Send me a link. I’ll take a look at it

Hey, what I would suggest doing is making everything you cannot see nodrawed. (Texture)
This is also a lot easier to do if you make your brushes with nodraw, that way you can easily texturize the places you can see, and keep the ones you don’t see nodrawed.

Also, make every complex, small or place you cannot reach func_detail. Honestly almost the only thing you don’t want func_detail is the ground and skybox + pluss walls that are sealing off rooms or similar

You can also lower the lightmap scale, this will give better FPS and all but it will make the light and shades look less nice. (something you probably don’t want for your map)

I hope this helps, though I am only speaking from experience.

A good habit to get into for the future would to create all your brushes in nodraw

Hook up with me on steam, I’ll help you!

Regarding Nodrawing faces that aren’t seen. You only have to no draw stuff that isn’t seen like a wall face thats touching the skybox or something similar, not joints between brushes.


yow, i can help u out with that just add me if you want if not ye then not