Help me out!

well yeah, garrys latest update broke alot of shit. good thing it wasnt that hard to repair.
but there IS ONE thing that i need help repairing.
i need help repairing CapsAdmin’s Propeller Engine since i cant figure out why or how its screwing up! i need this thing fixed soon because its one of the main parts of my gamemode. he helped me out with the whole matrix error thing, but thats all it did was fix the matrix error spam.

1- On Initial spawn, it seems to act entirely normal. with the exeption of the player folpping around on death. the pack itself removes itself entirely so that the bodys are just dead, non moving ragdolls. it still plays all the sounds though.
2- AFTER one dies, one might experience a tremendous force pushing them to the side or corner of a map, and this force never lets up until you REMOVE the pack, then spawn it again.
3- the propeller blades above your head turn entirely invisible.
4- you can no longer “cut” players with your pack, it also does not collide with walls of any sort.
5- there are probably more errors that i missed.

please, oh please, i ask. FIX THIS THING!!!

Note to garry: Thanks alot dude, this is the fifth project youve hopelessly destroyed. why do you keep screwing with stuff that doesnt NEED any Screwing with!?!?

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title" - mahalis))

Gtfo blaming garry for updating the game