Help me please | 64 slots server requirements |

I speak french ,so this text is translated by Google

I have a garry 's mod server on a virtual private server :

12 gb ram
3.4 ghz
This is a very good vps

But, On I have create garry 's mod server (64 slots)
Ping of vps is : 9
when the server has more than 30 players , Pings players range from 80 to 400 (Garry’s mod server, no vps)
And when the server has more than 30 players, vps ping is : 10-15

My server.cfg :

hostname "[FR] UrbanRP | +35 Jobs | VIP | Fast:DL | M9K | TDM Cars"
sbox_plpldamage "0"
sv_loadingurl ""
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_maxrate 100000
sv_minrate 0
sv_minupdaterate 13
sv_maxupdaterate 33
fps_max 300
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_updaterate 101
rate 15000
sv_maxcmdrate 300
sv_mincmdrate 13
sbox_maxprops 250

How to fix lags ?
For players have a good ping ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand correctly. Do you want to know why is this lagging ?

So I haven’t your core specs but visibly it’s an Intel Core I7 or something similar. Maybe your bandwidth is not enough for the server or maybe it’s the CPU that is overloaded.

Can you please give me your CPU use % amount of your virtual machine with 0 players, then 10, then 30. If this % does not goes up to 100% then it’s not your CPU.

You should check your addons, maybe some of them makes the server lagging. I assume you’re using DarkRP, I know this GameMode to be a bit heavy for Servers.

Thank you,

The processor is : Intel Xeon Octo Core
With 64 players, my cpu consommation is : 15 %
It’s a darkrp server
My collection :

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok so it’s multicore processor.

I need to know what is the use of the core used by SRCDS GMod. Knowing the use % of the whole CPU is useless because SRCDS does not work in Multi core, it works only on one core of your CPU.

I thing it’s not your CPU, but I can’t be sure, I need to know the exact % use of the Core of your SRCDS.

To do that on Windows I use CoreTemp or even the Windows built in task manager works, but I prefer CoreTemp it gives you the processors temperatures for all of your cores, and gives you the use % of each cores.
For example my core #0 (Which is the core GMod runs on) with GMod Client running is at 4% load.

It’s debian vps,
Coretemp it’s windows app
How to use in debian ?

I don’t know, cause : I don’t use much Debian.

Also can you give me all your addon list (including your home made addons) ? I’m sure it’s something to do with your addons.

My collection (installed on my server) :

I think of something, to be sure it’s not addons, remove all workshop content, try if it’s laggy or not. If it’s not laggy, continue re-adding addons one per one on your steam workshop collection and see at what addon it began to lag.

There is a really high chance it’s all the addons you have installed. Either remove some or optimize some code.

That’s what I just said to him. Just remove all addons, check, then add addon one per one to reach the addon that coses these lags.

Remove drugsmod.
I had this issue awhile back, DrugsMod uses a lot of usermessages which build up overtime, it’s much more worse with lots of players.

Try removing that & let me know if it improves :slight_smile:

Also post a speedtest from if you can :slight_smile:

Get rid of the rape swep too, it’s unstable, abusable, and just a general piece of crap :stuck_out_tongue: