Help me please - My server crash :c

I have a problem, My server crash every 30 minutes.
No lua problems in console.
My hostor is mtxserv (64 slots).

My collection :

I have 45 jobs.

How to fix problem ? Thank you

There crash for no reason and restart

Do you have a crash dump file? If so, upload it to metastruct and post the link.

The error is :

[ERROR] lua/.dragondildos/rc1/…/nul/b283a3025b06dd6a5284f96a38681dc5f5928a4a0f64468ec17d4f6da0543cdd.lua:72: bad argument #1 to ‘​••‎‬‪•’ (string expected, got nil)

  1. ​••‎‬‪• - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - lua/.dragondildos/rc1/…/nul/b283a3025b06dd6a5284f96a38681dc5f5928a4a0f64468ec17d4f6da0543cdd.lua:72

You’re running an old version of CAC.
That is a clientside error.
That file’s name is cac/payloads/processed/030000 hooklibrarydetours.lua.
That error can only happen if there is a stack overflow in a hook that is being called, otherwise you’d get a stack trace.

If i install the new version is good ?

Yeah update CAC.

Also has a general clean up

this is incompatible so this may started causing issues or may fix current ones now

It’s compatible and it’s work ^^

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And for this :
“SWEP:SetWeaponHoldType - ActIndex[ “” ] isn’t set! (defaulting to normal)”
This message, spam the players console

Edit :

CShadowMgr::AddShadowDecalToSurface - overflowed m_ShadowDecals linked list!
CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted index range) (65535)

(Spam the console)