Help me please!!!

Hello everyone I need information, I have Garry’s mod 9 and will not let me use the ragdoll and other elements of DoD: S since there is no I installed it on PC. To view these items I just install it on your pc or should I just do some other process?!?

GMod 9?

Gmod 9 isn’t supported anymore my man, Only GMod 13

[sp]Wrong section by the way, No problem it’s ok :D[/sp]

and Gmod11?!?

Just like GMod 9, 11 is no longer supported. GMod is only supported in its latest version.

so i can’t use this map with Gmod11?!?

Just buy the game, dude. That’ll solve a good majority of any issues you have.

Gmod 11 is no more, as itgot upgraded to gmod 13 automatically for everyone that has it legally.