MY PICTURE WAS STOLEN ! DO SOMETHING (last page of pictures)


look at last page with pictures for keys

Yes… please be more descriptive next time. I would notify a mod about that, they can look into it. There isn’t really much we (as in other users) can do really (or are obligated to do for that matter).

“tangos” stolen my picture, what can i do ???

If there has been quick responses to anything on that thread, its to plagiarists. quit worrying.

I like how you didn’t even bother to link to the post of the apparent “thief”.

Let alone explain… anything really.

hahahaha ! I’m just trolling him XD

this is my link : look at page 121, added 5 hours ago.

STOP CRYING ! I admit lol … and besides there is YOUR nickname on the picture, not mine. What’s the problem?

wal sie …

do you have any idea what trolling even is