help me please

hi i saw alot of servers that auto downloads materials and mods addons … when you join them could anyone tell me how to do this
cause my friend needs to install every addon i add to the server


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You posted on the wrong section. Anyways,

Go to garrysmod/lua/autorun/server and make a file called resource.lua

In these for every material, sound, model, ect put something like this

[lua]resource.AddFile( “materials/dickpic/stalkersdick.png” )
resource.AddFile( “models/stalkersdick/dick.mdl”)[/lua]
Do that for everything you want and you should be golden.

There’s a tool around online that’ll help make this less of a daunting task, it’s called Fox’s Resource Generator.

The issue with Fox’s Resource Generator is that it adds all the model complements with resource.AddFile, and although it still works, it’s inefficient. It’s better to use the Resource Generator then go through and cut down on the junk.

i will try this