help me please

hi i saw alot of servers that auto downloads materials and mods addons … when you join them could anyone tell me how to do this
cause my friend needs to install every addon i add to the server


This is called FastDL, WorkshopDL, ServerDL whatever you wanna call it.

FastDL uses a webhost to send files to the client (files are normally compressed in a .bz2 file) with speed (usually as fast as the client’s down can handle)

ServerDL directly downloads files from the server (which is slower and caps at 64MB)

WorkshopDL is self explanatory. Downloads from the workshop.

FastDL & ServerDL:

resource.AddFile( "filepath" )
resource.AddSingleFile( "filepath" )
--Most people prefer AddFile


resource.AddWorkshop( "ID" )

There are some programs that automatically generate resource.AddFile, AddSingleFile lines when a folder is selected. I use Fox’s Resource Generator. Here’s mine (just in case) it comes with preadded Gmod specific file extensions.