Help me please

I have a server. I put my map and when I say I connect [Your map [maps/rp_downto_v1.bsp] differs from the server] but it is my server and my computer is spunetimi what I do not write me asta.And i do not want to change my map

You really need to start using descriptive thread titles, every one of your threads is entitled something along the lines of “Help me please.”


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Delete it from the maps folder on the computer you connect to it from, and copy a new verrsion of it from the server?

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i found how to make

How to make what?

ween i whant to connect he sayd [Your map [maps/rp_downto_v1.bsp] differs from the server]


What Your saying is (IN ENGLISH) That when you connect to your server it gives you the message “Map Differs from server”

And the solution to that is to delete the map on the computer, and either redownload it from the server or just copy it if you have the access to.