Help me please!!

Look i whant to edit a map , to put tree and this think on rp_downtown_v2
but ween someone connect to don’t need to download the map.

I can barely make out what you’re asking…

Do you want to edit rp_downtown_v2 by placing a tree and something else, but you don’t want people to download the map when they connect? As far as I know you can’t do that, if it’s a different version of a map they will need to download it.

So you’re saying flying pigs will invade Germany?

No but seriously the best way to do what you want to do would probably be to ask the original author of the map for the vmf and then open it up in hammer and then compile it with your trees. They’d still have to download the new version of the map though.

Uhm why don’t you just place the trees and stuff manually in-game with your phys gun?

I will ask the one who made the map if he will let me to edit the map.
I connect to a server where the map was edited and I didn’t need to download the map .
I don’t wanna put props with the physgun, I want them to be worldprop’s.

Mind if I ask, but is english not your main language?

I edit correctly.

No you didn’t


Its still not correct and a excuse like “I dont have to spell proply because its the internet” is not acceptable when every browser comes with a spell-checker.

Use EntSpy to add the prop. I’ve never done it but you may need to use a prop_dynamic_override so it lights properly again in game.

Clients will not need to re-download the map because in the Source engine, entities (like this tree) will be loaded from the sever on connect and not the client’s version of the map.

at op:

ok thx cuz i buy slot and i whant to make a diferent map.

There’s no h in want. Well… there is in your wants, but there shouldn’t be.

If you want to make a different map, don’t edit someone elses. Use that thing above your neck and make something original.