help me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

the css shotgun doesnt look like it should it looks like a half assed poorly drawn pump shotgun with wood on the bootom plz help me in you no how

You can provide more information, y’know. Maybe a screenshot, who knows?

It can be a skin of some sort.

Umm, so what do you want? Someone to retexture it for you?

And you seriously don’t need to put any punctuation in thread titles (and certainly not that much), though you might consider some for your actual post.

Maybe because you installed a skin :downs:?

Using lots of !'s in your topic title does not prove urgency, and pictures/screenshots help a lot.

We don’t help 10 year old retards here.

You really should watch what you say and stop flaming.

Yeah, maybe you’re right if he’s 10, but don’t flame.

Pictures would help.

I will flame what I fucking want to. And I only flame retards and other dickheaded dumbasses who cannot spell/are so fucking dumb is pathetic/etc.

You will get banned all the time like so…

…'til you get perma’d.

I had something like this, i got it from a double barrel shotgun swep.
I reinstalled GMod and CS:S and nothing, it only fixed itself after i formatted my computer due to a virus.

Sounds like it looks better than the default CSS shotgun.

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