help me plz on how to make a gmod project!!

want to know how to make your own SWEEP, Weapon, your own addons, maps ext. plz help me i want to be know on steam and on plz help me.

Learn Lua or Hammer

im a noob at this sorry. how?

Read tutorials?

Install Source SDK and look up Hammer tutorials on youtube

Google LUA, not GMod lua, but LUA itself, youll thank yourself for that in the longrun

where do i get the tutorials?

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ok thank you for helping :slight_smile:

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Anyways, what the others said.

im a noob a this lol but can you help?

Please learn how to spell properly too, it will help you in you in the future of posting here.

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thank you thats going to help me alot. :slight_smile:

Thought you’d want to know.

thank you for telling me. lolol

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