Help me read MiniDump Garry's Mod Crash Files

My server has crashed and generated a Dump file which I do not know how to read it. I will pay you if you help me read it and more money if you help me repair whatever is crashing my server. Thanks for reading!

Thank you so much for that link! I found it a while back but was never able to find it again. Now, can someone help me repair the errors? The payment is still up for grabs. You can always add me on Steam at


Does it crash with any errors? Does it work without any addons? Try removing all your addons and replacing them one by one (restarting the server each time and checking) to see which one is shitty.

It just suddenly crashes, no errors or anything. I have so many addons that this would take me several days to get through the addons, aswell as I have a decent playerbase which I do not want to lose and this crash usually takes several hours to happen and happens with any amount of players.