Help me to fix it!

Please, help me to fix it (post a link to download the fix).
*Error is showed in the video.

Buy CSS.

Is it the only way? This happens with all my custom weapons!

Yes, unless you want to be a pirate.

Ok… thanks anyway.

Don’t act so disappointed, CS:S is a fun game

Fun…True, For about 5 seconds

I speak from personal experience when I say this;

Its a cool game until you bump into the average German gamer, “Nein, ve vil vin zis game ya!”
and he either hacks cuz he is east German, or is too serious, west German.

Makes the game feel like a really shitty game of suduko…exactly


If you don’t like the original gameplay there’s a load of mods and variations - deathmatch, RPG, surf, gungame, zombies etc.

Gungame is cool, but “They” always find you.

I hate the RPG CSS gamemode purely because of being earaped by a 5 year that can barely even speak. I hate it even more when you see the 5 year old is maxed out his levels, very unfair advantage.

Surf = :argh:

Zombies are Ok, when the game isn’t overdone. a.k.a Unlimited ammo, zombies have 1mil health.

Then don’t join the German servers.
Hackers? Join another server with KAC and VAC.

When a server has [GB] at the start of it or [UK], it means it’s usually a British server, I aint stupid enough to go looking for Germans on CS:S.

Who cares if they are German. They started gaming because of the AGK.

Ok? my posts were a Joke, no need to get so serious by using tremendously Gigantic words like “Who” and “Cares”.

The Germans are the Efficient, Hardworking, Straight-forward Cousins of The United Kingdom in the big ol’ disfunctional family, we all call Europe! And!! They player football like robots.