Help me unban owner

I umm well this is gonna sound completely stupid but I perma banned my friend who owns a server or used to until I accidentally Banned him in Garrysmod. He cant make a server (So he says) and I dont know how to fix it. Some one help me and fast please?

-EDIT:I am slow at understaing certain things like FTP or RCON or anything like that. If you could give me step by step instructions, that would be great. The server he had, was just one he quickly made for me and him to just hang out on. I dont know much about the Admin Mod Version or anything, just that I perma banned him from his own server and he cant make a new one and I need to fix it, Thanks.

You banned him from the server?
Just connect via RCON and unban his SteamID.

Thanks but how do I connect via RCON? I am kinda of an idiot to the server stuff. Well Im a major idiot to stuff about servers.

Are you an admin on the server?
What admin mod does it use?

umm im not quite sure what mod he uses, ill have to ask him. All I need is to figure out how to get him unbanned, his admin mod is standard,i guess, new but standard.

Get his steamid.

I know his Steam ID hes on my friends list, his name is, Mr. Happy. His avatar is a smiley face. Ill get the URL.

No, his SteamID.
It should be like STEAM_0:1:14468906 - that’s the format. To find it, go into any multiplayer Source game, open the console, and type status. It should be right next to his name.

OH ok, Sorry. just type status in console in any multiplayer server?


I did that but it never said his name

He’d have to be on that server too…

Yeah, you have to be on the same server as him OR have him do it.

Do you have access to the server’s log files? His SteamID should be in there.

How can I get to the log files?

Do you have FTP access to the server?

Yea but heres the thing, I banned him from the server and He says he cant make a new one or keep it running. idk its stupid.


But listen you guys, Im not a wiz with all this stuff, Im slow. Not to sound rude or nuthin but if you could give simple easy directions that would be awsome. And thanks for helping, I appreciate it.


IF your looking at the bottom down here, look ^^ up and read the edited part please.

Just convert his community id to steam id:


You can do that?


Wait, where did you find his community ID?

The communityid is 76561197998049313

and yes, there is an algorithm for translating community id into steamid and reverse

It would have been easier for the guy to just join a server, type status, and get his id.

But whatever. :v: