help me verify

This process allows to verify that you actually own garry’s mod. To do this you will give us your steam username, then we will give you some text to paste into your steam profile. We will then look at your steam profile - and if the text is there we will know it’s your account, and will be able to verify whether you own Garry’s Mod or not.

that is exactly what it says for me, those are all the instructions there are. how do i just “give them my steam username”…it says that nowhere. how do i get the “text” that they say they will give me.

i would just like a legitimate answer to my question.

and for gods sake please let this be the right forum to post this in, i have just about had it with every single one of my threads being locked.

You know, it was never really complicated for me. They don’t ask for your username, they ask for the unique link to your profile.

How is it so hard for so many people?

what is the unique link to my profile? if its asking for anything that is after this than there is nothing there

Then put something there.

Edit your profile in the steam client.

what do i put there?

According to your Steam Profile(if the one shown is in fact yours), you don’t own Gmod

yes i do. i bought it. and this isnt my facepunch account. for some reason i was magically logged into this one when i came here and i cant find the logout button.

but yeah i bought it.

You don’t magically log in to some random account.

Shit excuse.

well last time i was on this site on my laptop i was logged into my account, EnragedAUSTIN11

thanks a lot for no one helping me, and to think that someone actually suggested this site to me.

You don’t own it.

You need to help us help you. You put anything into your custom URL, and that’s what you enter on the site.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to read some fucking directions. At least this does a slight job of weeding out the cancer.

if your going by this name “ACH” that is not my actual account here, my account is EnragedAUSTIN11
i cant for some reason log out of this account


sorry for the harsh tone i got. its just that the friend of mine i am currently logged into wont seem to help me out at all and i have been trying this for like an hour. i figured it out. all thanks to you! thank you! but seriously nowhere in the instructions for this verifying thing does it say i need to type some random stuff down into that textbox.

Because your facepunch account is so significant.

What is your steam profile URL?

Have you set it up?

well i only assumed that people were somehow being linked to what THIS facepunch account owns in regards to g-mod.

but nvm i got this fixed thanks to your remark earlier about typing whatever into that custom url thing. im very computer illiterate and i dont normally take part in reading instructions for very long.

thread over. thank you all

Also, to log out delete your cookies.

And then log in with your actual account and post here to show us you’re not bullshitting.