Help me with decay calculations

I’m not too sure how the decay mechanic works, so help me out with some math.

Because of my real life offshore work I only have access to my computer at home every Sunday, so the decay is free to eat away at my in game house for the remaining six days. If place all my chests and valuables in the lowest floor, how many empty stories do I have to build above it, assuming I log in every Sunday without fail? Assume house material is wood.

Also, another related question, the wiki states " Doors decay seperately because they are not actually connected to your foundation or the actual structure itself". Does that mean that even if I have a multi storey home, after a week when I log in I’m going to come back with the top half decayed away as expected, but with all my doors missing?

After a week, you wont have anything anymore I think. Does the server belong to you? If so, you could adjust the decay rate. But that would also fuck your servers performance. You should try to team up with someone, he would keep care of it for the week. Who knows how many people are going to raid you in that time anyway.

I’m not entirely sure how the math works as far as how much damage the building takes as it breaks down…

I’d assume that after a week a wooden building would be pretty much entirely gone, since it only takes 24 hours for the decay to start.
With 144 hours of decay I don’t think it’ll matter how tall you build it.

A metal building would stand a much better chance, since they take 4 days to start decay.

Not entirely sure about doors, I’d assume they would all decay at once even if the building isn’t all gone yet.

I understand that decay works from the top going downwards, so I believe that I can prolong the decay long enough by building multiple empty stories above my main room, is this correct?

Wiki states that decay takes 24 hours to take effect, and each layer takes 4 days to be removed, so I would assume two stories is enough to keep the building alive, with the second floor being completely destroyed and the first floor halfway decayed by the end of a week.

However I did this and after a week my home was completely gone, no foundations or wreckage whatsoever, and I don’t know why, so I’m seeking clarification.

4 days to be removed for each floor?! That sounds like a very long time, I definitely don’t think that’s accurate.

I really would be surprised if ANY wooden structure lasted a week, unless it was crazy tall… like 20+ stories.

And even then, would a large area on each floor take longer to decay? Or is just a single block tower going way up enough?

I don’t know if anyone really has these answers. :confused:

I had come to that conclusion as well, it probably isn’t 4 days as the wiki states. Oh well. So assuming none of my friends play rust, there isn’t really any other option for me except to start from scratch every week?

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Or quit my job?

Definitely just quit your job. Do the right thing. :zoid:

You can always join a group of people who do play Rust, although it might take you some time to find people who you can trust and also don’t mind gaming with. Just because none of your current friends play doesn’t mean you can’t acquire new friends. I know I’ve left a trail of acquaintances scattered among dozens of online titles and MUDs I’ve played over the years.

It isn’t too hard finding a group of people to play with in any other game… but in titles such as Rust and Day Z… that’s a whole different story. Oh well lol