Help me with my project

Please,can somebody tell me how to make that car sound,that it pitch increases when speed increases. Sry,im noob at E2 (and modeling) and i want to learn how these things work so please help me. i want to be like you guys and make some cool stuff. Or just post some usefull links and videos. Ok,now i was on ggg toshkent yesterday,and wanted to test some suspension i learned. Then i reallised that i want to model of a FORD MUSTANG BOSS 1969. Pics are here

i would appriciate some help with engine and weight setup.

useful tutorials
parenting:[/media] (remember, parent to a wire chip)

The videos are not mine but they might help.

First up, wire the pitch of a sound emitter to a speedometer, or use the E2 functions. Something like soundPitch(N), something like that, you should find it if you use the helper.
If you want, you can add me on steam as well, I fixed the link to my ID so…


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Yeah, good luck with that. Also, pick a 65, please. 69 is fugly.

If you’re not worried about prop limits then use lots of tiny phx plates to build up the body and use PA so you don’t have to worry about it being symmetrical.

pitching sounds are easy. Pitch = (0.8 + (MPH/50)) Just play with the numbers.
Now doing trans. pitching is different…but I usually don’t.


Not if she’s shaved. :slight_smile:

thx guys,i really appriciate that you gave a crap about my first project.

So,i started by modeling the car first,but server was laggy and friends of mine were doing sum shit and ask meh to join them diong shit,and then i refuse and blah blah blah… At the end i just removed everything and started playing and testing my suspension,and so weekend passed by.

Now im asking you,do you think its better to build something special in single,or multiplayer. i would love to hear you opinion.

While testing how will suspension and engine and steering work,i found these problems: -i want to make car just as gunski showed in his tut

so i constructed it with 0.25/0.25 hunter plates,did everything what he said,and for some reason when i want to steer my car i won t.s i need your help with setting the weight(if you think i need to do what tut says,just post it)and the steering,also i would appriciate if you tell meh what kind of engine should i use(i prefer forcer engine)

In meantime,ill be on e2 wiki,learning more about it,hangin in gmod and tryin to complete my car,stay tune for pics and more questions,thx

Unless you have your own server that doesn’t crash very often, do it in single player.

I don’t build anything super-detailed in MP.

you never build anything super detailed… ZING
nah jk you are pretty good.

lol thanks. Actually I do, in all seriousness try to build more simple and fun. More into making it FEEL right than just look right.

here ya go

And ofcourse,toybox is fun as hell

I must say it looks pretty awesome so far. But hell, that’s a fuckton of props and isn’t even 5% of the car.

i want to make it look as realistic as possible,i dont care about how much props i use

By god, you better learn to parent then :byodood:

If you still need help, E2 Chip:

@name Pitch Control
@input Speedo
@output Pitcher

Var1 = 0.1
Var2 = 2

Speedo + Var1 * Var2 = Pitcher

I’m typing from my phone so it’s abit dodgy but if you need wire help just PM me.