Help me with my prop hunt code

Hello, I’m trying to make my prophunt server be able to actually rotate the prop when you hold right mouse button,

I’ve included this in the init.lua in gamemodes/prop_hunt/gamemode/init.lua

hook.Add( "SetupMove", "PH_PropRotation", function( ply, mv, cmd )
	if (ply:KeyDown(IN_ATTACK2) and ply:Team() == TEAM_PROPS ) then
		local ang = ply:GetAngles()
		mv:SetAngles(Angle(90, ang.y, 90)) -- Sets pitch, roll to 90 degrees to keep  prop upright
end )

but it’s not working, can you guys help me out?


Idk if you should use SetupMove for this, second argument is movedata and i dont think this would change the angle. Nonetheless if youre getting angles in prophund you should use EyeAngles. Ive never developed on prophunt but if its not setting the prop as playermodel you gotta get the entity first.