Help me with pose

i know,that im not so good at garrys mod,but!can you halp me please with this pose
i just started making it.the name will be - Russia spetsnaz on the street
any ideas?

Youtube is your friend! Search “how to pose ragdolls on garrys mod.”

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Next time post on dont want to make thread… unless we can see some progress

Just practice.
Also look at pictures of soldiers holding guns, and pose yourself infront of a mirror, and build from that.

THe last one’s angle is…uuh
I mean, I didn’t know that we have gnomes serving in special forces


Looks like you need to start using the No Collide tool.

Next time you’re in Gmod, press F1 (or, if you’re at the main menu, go to the “Tutorial” button right above the “Exit Game” button). Then a menu will pop up, and there will be three lessons:
-The Spawn Menu
-Building a Car
-Ragdoll Posing

All three lessons really help.

I’m going to copy and paste a quote of myself from a long time ago, you could probably use some of the tips.

"I know you can do better, everyone who posts pictures can do better; just a matter of time and learning.

A start would be to look at others work who are generalized as “Good” and then look at your work and try to
point out stuff that you don’t have that they have, like:
-Camera angle
-Background objects, people, things.
-Objects in front of picture
-The main thing you’re trying to show (A man killing his mom, Spy turning into mom, ect…)
-Model textures (low res? high res?)
-Editing (You don’t need it just yet)

Now that you have looked into such areas, realization must be brought to justice and noticing the huge
difference your picture will be if you follow the desires of Garry’s mod 10 pictures.

You have so many tools in Garry’s Mod 10 that you’re not using that could help your picture so much.
Then once you’ve accomplished ingame editing you should continue with editing programs such as Gimp or Photoshop."!?highlight=

Get some lamps in thete, mate. It’s pretty darn dark.