Help me with scripting a tank please!

Im not sure if this goes to requests but oh well,
I wanna make a tank for Gmod, only problem is none of the tutorials i can find tell me what i need to know so my question is can you either tell me where i can learn the stuff i need to do or give me some points on the following

-needs to be enterable
-must move back and forth, must be able to rotate
-must damage entities if they touch the hull while moving
-must play a sound that changes in pitch depending on how fast your moving

-needs to be spawned and parented to the hull
-needs to rotate using the mouse for control

-needs to be spawned and parented to the turret
-must rotate up and down from the base of the cannon not the origin which i assume is in the middle somewhere
-must fire an entity on left click

-must be a prop
-must fire in the direction the cannon is fireing
-must move very quickly

I think thats it but if i need to do other things to make it work please tell me!

also, im still thinking of what model to use, im planning on using a T-54-100 model from world of tanks as it fits in with half lifes eastern european look and its the most produced tank ever.

Thanks in advance and please go easy on me this will be my first project. D:

You shouldn’t try to make a tank for your ‘first’ project.

Why not? by doing this i will be learning how to directly script objects into moving or spawning another entity or making sound. besides i don’t expect to finish this anytime soon because scripting is hard for newcomers.

You start off with simple things first, doing shit out of your league is very VERY discouraging, I mean it may be freakin’ awesome when you pull it off but like you said it’ll take time and there will be many problems in the process.

Yeah i know man i understand because i can program apps for windows, i just can’t find a tutorial that actually explains how to make scripted entities, all of the tutorials (i mean all of them) are about making gamemodes and derma menus :S

If ya need help add me.

Okay cheers mate!