Help me with some particles

Wel the thing is i just found an awsome effect for the wtaer splash but the thing is, whats the command for it? I know the explosion is env explosion or something but how does it work with water? Plz awnser cuz if i know how i will release it.

Well first, fix your spelling, second it’s something like info_particle, not an env_explosion.

No, i saw that a guy made a new explosion and i looked in the lua file and it said that it should replace the env_explosion command, and BTW 1. im Dutch, 2. i type fast so sometimes i hit the wrong letter and then forget to check it.

If you mean one of the default water splash effects you might be looking for EffectData and the associated code.

local splashfx = EffectData()
util.Effect(“gunshotsplash”, splashfx)

Something like that. Here’s a list of some of the effects you can use with util.Effect.

Ah i found the code for it! Now i only have to know how to make it replace it, because for example in this lua file witch says the the explosion should replace the old one, i dont see the name of the particle or the textures that was in the downloaded file. So im confused, non of the names of files is in the particles folder or materials folder.

P.S. Sorry im being really stupid i really dont know how lua works.

Hmm MegaJohnny i copied your code, and named the particle splashfx, but it doesn`t work. :confused:

Did you change the "SomeVector"s?

Eeeh i didn`t what do i need to change it to?

A vector of what position the splash should be at.