Help me with this GMA

Hello i cant figure out how to make a gma and im doing that auto download workshop thing and i was wondering if someone could make a gma out of a file for me and upload it please here is the file download

Post in the comments the steam link when done thanks allot in advance!

You can create it yourself using GMad. The tool is located in steamapps\common\garrysmod\bin. To use it, create a .bat file with the commands you want to compile the folder into a .gma.

For example, you could compile that with a command like

gmad.exe create -folder "C:\users\modifiedgamer\desktop\addonfolder" -out "C:\users\modifiedgamer\desktop\gmafilename.gma"

Just put something like that in a .bat file in steamapps\common\garrysmod\bin

Still dosnt work the bat file just closes, Heres my code tell me what im doing wrong

gmad.exe create -folder "C:\Users\Jake's-PC\Desktop\maruader" -out "C:\Users\Jake's-PC\Desktop\maruader.gma"

Oops, forgot to mention you need to create an addon.json to compile it. Look at the thread I like earlier about how to make one.

Already did but the addon.json the folder looks like this

The .bat file isn’t supposed to be in the addon folder, it’s supposed to be in the same folder as GMad.

Where to i put the addon text then?

In the addon folder.

addon.json = addon folder
.bat file = next to GMad (steamapps/common/garrysmod/bin)

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That doesn’t even look like a proper addon?

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Now that I’m back on my PC, I did it for you:

Thank you soo much!

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I got the gma extractor to work but how do i upload it to workshop now?

The addon didn’t work for GMod 13, so I converted and uploaded it.

Could you put that file back up for download?