Ok, when I start playing Gmod, what happens is that you get a 0.5 second glimpse of the loading screen (I think) then my TV screen goes Green, note, if I plug it out of my laptop, my Laptop just goes black with a red line on the far left which is not wide at all, I still hear sound nonetheless for both screens (I duplicate my screens) the only way to possibly bypass this is putting my computer to sleep and waking it again then clicking Gmod and everything works from there, but along with this when I click the command button my game freezes then it takes me to the desktop and closes itself. This has been randomly happening for 2 days now I believe and nothing seems to work at the moment, I have ran it in windowed mode, tedious, I have done the -dxlevel 81 thing multiple times, nope, I have REINSTALLED the game, still won’t budge, IM BEGGING YOU HELP MEEE!!!

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Tried updating the drivers?

I updated the driver a couple of days ago, that could have caused it, I have Intel HD Graphics 3000

i also have a problem when i start gmod i have a blackscreen for 2secs and then it closes itself when i click on it same thing again please help

I updated my drivers now, it isnt working, same stuff, FACEPUNCH, FIX YOUR SHIT


Now nobody will help you while you’re being rude. You blew it.