Help me with this mod

Hey does anyone know how to get the taunts working for prop-hunt? I’ve got .wav files I wanna use already! I put the .wav files into garrysmod/gamemodes/prop-hunt/content/sound/taunt/ but they don’t work and I don’t even know what key to use to play taunts. I talked to a buddy and he said hes been to a couple of prophunt servers and its usually f3-f4 that plays them idk! someone plz help me!

You would probably have to code some lua to play the sounds.

I kinda figured do you know what and how to do so?

could u guys help me with my porblem 2?

I don’t know how to make it check if the player is pushing a key on their keyboard, but I made a lua script that checks for chat commands. You could use that to make your own chat commands like /taunt1 and /taunt2 to play different taunts.
The script is in my SVN. To get it, use this SVN tutorial:
The SVN link to my pack is somewhere in the center of the tutorial post.
A quick tutorial on how to add your own custom sounds using my script is all in the lua file inside the “Divrans SoundPlay” folder.

Thank you divran but prior to your comment I found a edited prop-hunt mod that was already scripted for taunts, I would supply a link but this was quite some time ago and I have since turned my server into a Dark-Rp server. I just wanted to say thanks for the help and your time.