help me with this please

Hi guys,

I need some help with this car model it’s from Natalyas-Car-Pack_2012, i already ask her if i can use her models in my map and she said yes.
But seem like i can’t get this thing get to work with Counter Strike Source before, i can’t even drive the car but i figure out that part. But now the problem is
it’s all purpel i don’t know how to fix that please help me out here.

From the experience I have, it’s one of four problems. Either
A) The .VTF files are missing,
B) The .VMT files are missing,
C) The .VMT files are pointing into a different directory where the texture is not located, or
D) The .VMT file(s) assigned to the model (or model segments) are located in another directory location.

Try checking the directories to see if the .VMT and .VTF files are in the proper location, and then see if the .VMT files are pointing to them. If they are all as they should be, then try checking to see if the model has the proper .VMT file(s) assigned to it.

I spaced out and forgot one other thing; check the .qc file and see if it is shows the proper location(s) for the textures and adjust them if necessary. That might also help.

if none of what Katra804 said worked, try to place again the textures manually on the model in your 3d program,. it might be because you converted the model from one format to another,… textures will sometimes go with it, sometimes you need to re-place it again, for the texture to work. or I could be wrong,…

I’ve never had to manually re-apply any of the textures with any of the models I’ve worked with, so I don’t think that would be necessary. Of course, it’s still a valid option to work with.