Help me with this Tag's Code?

Here is my current code:

if ply:IsSuperAdmin() then
chat.AddText(Color(0, 255, 0), "(Superadmin) ", col1, name, col2, ": "…text)
elseif ply:IsAdmin() then
chat.AddText(Color(255, 0, 30), "(Admin) ", col1, name, col2, ": "…text)
elseif ply:IsUserGroup(“donater”) then
chat.AddText(Color(230, 180, 30), "(Donater) ", col1, name, col2, ": "…text)
chat.AddText(col1, name, col2, ": "…text)

Now im trying to get some name tags for my groups this is all i have so far but i tried putting it in my cl_init.lua and i think i placed it in a bad spot and made some errors… can somone help me add two groups to this code. I need super donator, And mod added to this code. And if you could give me a good line to place this code so it works that would be awesome… if you can help me thanks ahead of time…


yea DarkRP

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mib999 - the man of a single comment then no return…

DarkRP already has a function/hook like that, and you need to add it to that hook/function

Was going to say the exact same thing.

You need to run the code inside this hook, as shown here: