Help me

How can i contact garry. i buyed rust for 240$ with an accident and now im in BIG trouble :confused:
sorry for bad english!

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I honestly feel bad for you.

you actually payed 240$ for rust? can you not just wait for the game to come out? that is just stupid…

well you think they care about you? I dont think so

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even tho you sound kinda lier

Monkey_123, we meet again!


Don’t worry, I’m sure you didn’t forget to read the return policy that someone forgot to write before buying it.

In all honesty what I can say is you just made them $240 richer. But on the other hand if you do the math 1494 codes have been sold. So the average low the codes get to a day have been 50+. So multiply 50 by 1494 you get 74,700 which is pretty close to the real amount of money this Dutch Auction has raised which is 75,952 total. So if you think about it I could call you a liar because that leaves a 1,220 dollar gap. That means at least 5-6 people have paid between 140-240 dollars for the code because from what I’ve seen a 1-5 codes start being sold at 140 dollars and below. I just say 140-240 because I wouldn’t know if someone bought it for more than 140+ because I’ve only seen some sell after that amount. Also you don’t just buy a code for 240 by mistake. Seeing all the codes get on average as low as 50+ you can’t really say you were trying to buy the code at 11:59 but it turned 12 then you bought it for full price because they would be sold out WAY before then. So yeah either you are trying to get a refund on something you have not even purchased or you are just trying to swindle your way into getting in contact with Garry to try and beg for a code.

Please no copy pasterino?

you payed $240 for a rust key?! Why didn’t you wait for it to go down at least to $50 and get it? you just wasted a bunch of cash…this game will probably be for only $20-$30, depends really.

He says right in his post it was an accident

is it really hard to look at the price -_- common use your eyes.

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Like really…how cant you see that big number saying $240.

Thats not the point, you were asking him why didn’t he wait for the price to go down,when he said it was an accident before hand. What don’t you understand here?

it’s too late now

you’re fucked

better go e-mail garry for a refund

What is garry’s email i need to try?