Help Me !!!

I want to play Garry mod 10 online but I do not know where download it, if anyone is with me and now I have to play Garry mod 10 online

You want to play it online?

Buy it from steam.

I can not buy, because I was in Vietnam this is not native Steam games, we only load on the network. you can give me the address is not downloading games?

If I did understanded correctly…
You can download Garry’s Mod here:
But you must pay some money :stuck_out_tongue:
and have Steam.

They don’t have Steam in Vietnam.

Sorry bro, you can only download it off of steam.

I have a feeling that the OP is trying to pirate the game

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't bother to read the thread" - Benji))

Go on a UK/US proxy, download Steam, install, buy the game.

This will be about your only option, if that will even allow you to connect to Steam’s network after you’ve installed it. Dunno much about doing that but I guess it’s worth a shot if you really want to play the game.