Help me!?!?!?!

i have and am playing Garry’s mod. my trouble is im playing on a laptop and every time i go to play my counter strike weapons are not there. yes yes i know select them in the menu stuff but the problem is when i do that i cant get out of that menu. i try to get out but the X to close the document is off screen so im stuck there. any help would very nice

Besides don’t play on a laptop?

whats wrong with laptops?

well im just saying its better to play all your steam games on a proper computer or you could fork out alot of money onto a gaming laptop.

not to be mean you sound like a nice guy but your not helping because im still stuck waiting for some super smart expert garrys mod guy to say something witch will never happen

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Ridz0r you going to say something or what?

ok have you tried reinstalling css and steam?

no its not anything wrong with the game its just that its acting like my screens bigger than it is.
is there a way to change the safe area or something like in most games

When in GMod main menu, click “GMod Options” and see if the CSS content is mounted.

well then i cant help you any further

I explained that in the description, i did that but know im stuck in the menu that pops up with that

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thanks for trying

Maybe it’s a addon or something…