[HELP MEEE] Default GameMode - DarkRP

I come on the American community since the French forums we do not help me …
Here is my problem:
I bought a server at PowerHost to test DarkRP.
I put the map, but I can not place the server in DarkRP.
The contents of DarkRP is in darkrp folder (logical ^^) in the gamemodes folder.
I do not have access to the .bat file …
On the panel we propose to change the server.cfg file, but I tried to add as mentioned on some tutorials, a line, I tried:

  • gamemode “darkrp”
  • gamemode darkrp
    gamemode “darkrp”
    gamemode darkrp
    “gamemode” “darkrp”
    “gamemode” darkrp
    But NOTHING works …
    Help I’m desperate …
    Thank You