Help!! Missing vgui material?

Hey everyone, I’ve got a problem: Every time I try to zoom in with a Sniper Rifle, there is either an error message or the scope turns pink / black. The console says this:

— Missing Vgui material overlays/scope_lens

Zooming in only works with the crossbow, but the error occures with every other weapon that uses a scope. What can I do to change this?

Thanks in advance for your help

The addon misses a texture, try redownloading it.

It’s not just 1 addon, it occures with every sniper rifle I download, no matter if it’s in a weapon pack or a “standalone”. Nothing works!

Chances are, it’s trying to use the scope material from CS:S. If you don’t have CS:S, there’s your problem.

Yeah, taht’ll be it… I really don’t have CSS :frowning:

wel i have CSS but i had thet problem with scoped shotgun ( but when i restarted Gmod it worked dont know how but worked!

Kermite has a patch for that. Just extract it to your addons folder and allow it to copy over. Just go to his profile and download it.