!HELP! Model has multiple Layers and the Textures wont apply right.


Alright I think we can all agree, the model looks like shit. The textures wont apply to the model correctly and for some reason the model has multiple layers. At some angles the model looks backwards due to what I think is transparent meshes but I’m not sure. Above all, I need to know what the problem is and how do I fix it so. Thank you.

Looks like an issue with the normals, which would be the mesh not the textures.

I’ve read some stuff on google saying it’s reversed polygons. They suggested I reverse them, how do I do this?

Flip normals.

Alright, they’re flipped and for the most part it worked. Now my next problem is the materials, they aren’t wrapping around the model correctly.

Check the UV maps. In particular, check that the model is actually using them, and not just projecting the texture.

Not sure what you mean when you say to check the UV Maps. From what I’ve seen they don’t apply correctly at all. I drag them over the model and they just wrap over the wrong areas. How do I fix them to wrap over the model correctly? Specific please.

Since I can’t actually see what the problem is, I can’t tell exactly what the problem is. I was just trying to point you in the right direction so you could figure it out yourself.

If its multiple textures you will have select the section of each in mesh edit before dragging on to, repeat for each texture. If its only one texture then the uvmapping is fucked and will most likely have to be redone by hand.

There are multiple textures of the same thing for some reason, the models also have multiple layers of the same model. They’re very ellaborate high quaility models. I have selected inidividual parts and it just doesn’t seem to work, I haven’t had htis problem with any other models. Any other ideas?