Help Model Messed Up

Hi I am new to this whole modeling thing and I can’t seem to figure out how to put a texture on my model. I mean I can put it on in 3DS Max but when I put the entity in the game it has purple and black boxes all over it.
I have put the .vtf and .vmt in the folder as well but still nothing. Now I have somehow made my model an effect and it just kinda floats in the air with a green circle at the bottom that i can move around.

This is my .qc
$modelname models\logs.mdl
$cdmaterials “materials”
$scale 0.7
$body studio “logs_reference.smd”
$sequence idle “logs_idle” fps 1
$collisionmodel “logs_phys.smd”
$Mass 1
,and this is the .vmt
“$basetexture” “wood”
“$surfaceprop” “Wood_Box”
“%keywords” “wood”
Any help would be great.

Where exactly are the textures at? What folder?


It’s looking in “materials/materials”. The default base directory is “materials”.

Awesome thanks it that fixed it right up. But do you know why it turned into an effect and has the green circle at the bottom ( , and when i pick it up it just kinda floats there and I can walk through it. But when it hits the ground it has collides?

Did you include a collision model?

Never mind I got it to work. Anyway thanks for the help.

What was wrong?

My log_phys.smd was messed up so I just got rid of it and recompiled it.