Help! Multiplayer Lua Issue

Alright, I need someones help. I used to have the problem that whenever I tried to play GMOD multiplayer, a constant, backwards lua “Chriaster is awesome” would be typed. Now, whenever I try to join a server, I last 5 sec then get a stupid, japanese anime video playthrough before I get kicked out of the server. Has anyone ever had this problem and how do I fix it?

Reinstall gmod by deleting the folder, you got a lua virus.

Delete your garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg/config.cfg and restart GMod

Thanks, I wasn’t expecting such a quick response. I think I found the source. A server at gm_construct says “This may be a build server” is where I think I got the problem. I advise people to steer clear of the server.

Yes, that server is the root of the problem, and it seems to be doing an amazing job of infecting people with this lua virus.