Help My Friends Server's E2 isn't working!

The Server is Called “Acelove27’s 24/7 Build Server”

Im fed up wiht e2 not workign on this server and i goto it all the time, the first error we had was it kept on saying theres was an error in the E2 Code, when it works fine in other servers. now when you try and use a chip, it keeps on giving me this Loading Extensions Message. The Owner has Re-Downloaded the SVN several Times. Each time didnt work. he’s not sure how to Fix it.

Server IP:
Only go there if your really interested in helping fix E2. and to see the error for yourself.

That may sound dumb, but maybe other servers you’re joining aren’t using Wire from the SVN, hence the error.

Also, is the owner using a download server (sv_downloadurl)?
If yes, did he upload the cache correctly?

That i dont know.