Help My G Mod Crashes

i Have Recently Bought Garrys Mod And i Have Been P_laying It And its been fun But when i try and get onto some servers My G Mod Crashes and Comes Up with a Error Saying “Hl2.Exe Has Stopped Working” Please Some One Help!

Could you post your PC’s specifications?


Also, what’s up with the random capitalisation?

kk rofl thats how i type
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33Ghz
4.00 GB RAM
Nvidia GeForce 8400 Gs



It turns out that one of the recent updates released for Garry’s Mod broke fastdl capabilities for some servers. Although there has been no release of an official fix yet, changing sv_downloadurl to “” in the server.cfg file will work. If you can, contact the server owner and tell them. It’s on the server’s end and not yours so theres nothing you can really do. Just move to another server.