So I was posing characters for my gmod machinima when I randomly press the “Y” key (for me it Y is to use chat and U is group chat) and then I notice it didn’t even open the chat, so with curiosity I kept pressing Y and then i checked to see if U did the same and it did! Y and U makes me look to the ceiling!I Ignored that cause I thought It was because I was on singleplayer I decided to continue on with the posing, later I had to use a command so when I opened the developer console instead of opening up it did nothing! I was so f-ing mad so I decided to check on the options and when i clicked “Esc” to go to the menu, IT DID NOTHING! Then I saved the game and pressed the windows start menu button so I could get out of the window, then I closed gmod and i opened it again and went to options and all the controls were fine. So i thought it was just a small little glitch, and today i decided to continue doing the machinima and then AGAIN i accidentally clicked y and it continued doing the same, It really is buggy for me, I NEED HELP!

I will provide with as much information as anyone needs, just tell me which details you want.

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paste this in the console:

bind ESCAPE "alias alias alias;alias";_RESTART

He can’t access console though :v:

I like how 2 people rated my post as “funny” I think people laugh at something I don’t know… :stuck_out_tongue:

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And I can indeed open console, the glitch happens a few minutes after starting gmod

I had same thing, thankfully on my HP pavilion dv5 there are multimedia touch keys. I was swiping finger across them while character was looking in the sky/ceiling until it got fixed. If you have multimedia keys for changing tracks, stopping, pausing and playing you should try to press each one in order and repeat the procedure until in-game chatbox appears and stays on. Make sure that you don’t have any media player active or else it may control them instead.

Wait… guys, i feel like I am retarded… I had rl_clearhud 0 on for my machinima…